A beginner’s guide on Guns of Boom

Guns of the boom is a game that deals with actions. The unique part of this game is it is having 48 types of weapons and guns. One can find various kind of explosives like rifles, grenade and many more. It came into the market after it was launched by the Game Insight in the month of March in the year 2017. One will be able to buy various ammunitions by using their resources and with every upgradation new features will be unlocked that will make it easier for you to defeat your opponents. It is an addictive game which needs a proper strategy to stay longer in the game field.

Tips for Beginners

When you will be starting to play this game make sure you have looked at the tutorials as it will help you to get a transparent idea about this game. Tutorials will help you to know the features of each weapon and its fighting style. It is a great way of killing your free time with this game and here you will need resources in order to proceed further in this game by upgrading the weapons.

This game has 48 different kinds of ammunition so in the beginning, you will need to know the skills for operating each of them and have to select the one with which you are more comfortable with. You can also start with a small weapon and then upgrade it and then master that weapon. In this way, you can easily kill any kind of enemy with this particular weapon. When you will be defeating your opponent make sure you are taking their weapon because even if you are having the same weapon still it can happen that their weapon is more upgraded.

There will be a chest which will appear after every 6 hours that will help you to get more gun bucks and many other weapons that will help you to kill your opponents.

One thing that you should make up your mind and that is you should never die in this game. Every player will get rewarded if they are able to stay alive or perform the double kill. With every double kill, you will get 12 points.

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