Halo 3 Game Strategy

1. First and foremost I will say that it is very important to learn the maps. This is probably the most important aspect of online game play. In knowing the maps you will be able to find and use the weapons that best fit your game play, whether it be rockets or the sniper rifle, unless you know where they are you will never have the ability of destroying another team with them. A good way to do this is by playing custom games with your friends, not only will you play all the different maps, it also doesn’t count for rank or kill to death ratio online.
2. Secondly I suggest that you develop your own style of game play. Once you know the maps it is important to know where the people are, and develop a strategy that will allow you to take them by surprise. What I have found works best for me, is staying in one general area, picking up a Battle Rifle and a close range weapon, and picking people off, it is not a good game strategy to run around in the open, this only leaves yourself open to attack from a distance. When picking this area to hold claim to, your best bet is to determine where the enemy will be coming from, this way you don’t have your back to the enemy at any time. You will also want to pick an area that can be entered from only a few places, and an area that you can hide when your health is low.

3. Always Watch Your Map!!!! I can’t stress enough how important it is to always watch your map. Even if you have a good spot, and the right weapons, if you aren’t watching your map enemies can easily sneak up on you and kill you. Another aspect to this is trying not to be seen in an enemies map. If you use the crouch tactic when you first see a red dot on your enemy map, you will be able to sneak up on the enemy, because they won’t know where you are.

4. Pick a weapon that best fits the map. When picking up weapons it is best to find a weapon that best fits the map. While a shotgun maybe good on a small map, it is probably best to pick up a long range weapon on a big map. If you find that you are on a map where both will work, you will have to develop a style unique to yourself on that map that will work with your weapon of choice. So in the middle of “The Pit” with the sword is not a good tactic, however standing on the tower with sniper and shotgun in a normal slayer game is, because you can pick of enemies long range with the sniper, and can clean up enemies close range with the shotgun.

5. Don’t chase people when you are close to death. If your life is in red even if you have an opportunity for a triple kill, it is less likely that you will kill someone than that they will kill you. I always see people running into grenade blasts with a shotgun out hoping their life will last long enough to get close enough to the target that the shotgun is affective. This doesn’t work, crouch and wait, let the weapon do what it was meant to do, you aren’t going to kill someone from across the map with a mauler.

6. Become friendly with grenades. It is very important to learn how to use grenades effectively. Also determine which kind of grenade is right in the circumstance. If you are low area it probably isn’t the best to try and throw a sticky grenade that will stick to the ceiling and fall right in front of you, but if you can bounce a frag grenade you have a better chance of hitting them. The best players in Halo 3 are good with grenades, not only does it take away your shield sometimes you will get lucky, and stick someone killing them immediately. My favorite technique with grenades is a grenade at the enemies feet and then a quick shot to the head with a Battle Rifle, this will usually kill the person immediately.

7. Practice with weapons. Practice hitting the head with long range weapons, this is very important, the difference in the enemies health is significant. So practice hitting the head with long range weapons, and practice quick close range weapon kills, what works best is a shot then a quick punch.

8. Practice using vehicles, there is nothing better in big maps than being able to use a vehicle effectively. If the vehicles are two person vehicles practice both driving and gunning. Also while using vehicles it is good to know where the weapons that will kill you are, and take out the people near them first so they aren’t able to get a quick double kill with a laser or rockets.

9. Use the variants of the game to your advantage. Using an energy drainer when four people are running at you can save your life, or a quick bubble shield when your health is low can save your life. Pay attention to where these are they are there to help you. Other things to pay attention to are where the overshield and invisible spawn, these can make a big difference and get you a few quick kills before they run out.

10. Lastly…..Its just a game, have fun with it. There is nothing that makes me more angry than people swearing and being rude. Its just a game, have fun, and work with your team, don’t get down on them when they play poor. If you want to jump your level up quick, play with people who are better than you and let them carry you.

Now go and play and have fun. Practice Practice Practice.

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