How to play Free Fire Battleground on PC?

If you are a person who likes to play video games and more likely on a computer or a laptop screen than a small mobile screen, then there is good news for you. You can install an android emulator and play the same game on your PC. The most trending game Free Fire Battleground is what everyone has been talking about. The graphics of the game is too good, and it is based on a third shooter basis as in the player can see his character doing whatever the instructions given by the player.

How to play the game on PC?

Before you start the game, you need to download an emulator like Bluestacks.

Then search the app in the emulator and download it.

You can easily browse through in the emulator and use it accordingly.

You might just need to link your profile to the email address on Google App store

You do not need to worry about getting banned for playing the game on PC. This game, for now, is available only on Android but not Windows or Mac.

The game controls are pretty easy:

You can use the four arrows and space on the keyboard to walk, sprint, jump, and crouch. Use all your skills and free fire battlegrounds cheats and do everything to become the survivor and be victorious.

The game is all about killing all the enemies and be the ultimate survivor. The main tactics in the game which many might not know is to wait for your enemies to fight among each other so that when you are out in the open, you have fewer people to fight with. You can stay in the Safe Zone, but you need to keep moving too as the Safe zone might become a dangerous zone in no time.

When you start you need to start collecting gear. When you start, you have to take cover and start searching for more articles. You will need to collect whatever you get and fill the bag. Initially grab all the weapons, but you can upgrade it later on.

In this game you can play as a big group, so stick to your friends as a team, use earphones to communicate with your friends. You can exchange ammos according to the weapon among the friends and also use medical kits which are stacked. You can ask for help from your teammate. Do not go out alone without your friends.

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