What makes growtopia interesting?

Growtopia is a very popular game which deals with creative building and you can play it on your Android or iOS devices. Here your job will be to build a perfect world that will be suitable for your friends to live in with and you will have to collect seeds or gain gems in order to proceed quickly in this game. If you are a newbie then it will take some time to become professional but one thing that you should always keep in mind is to keep digging until you find the real resources.

Important terms of this game

World clocks: World clocks are considered to be very vital because it enables a player to lock the world and it is far better than those of the small locks. You can also use the gems or special items or buy them. You will have to spend 98 wall clocks for buying Angel Wings where are you will need 170 wall clocks for buying the devil wings. Moreover, it is very important to fetch the wall clocks because you will have to pay a lot resource for buying this from the stores and you will need to sell the rare items for gaining them.

Clothes: Clothes are considered to be very important in this game because it makes the players look cool and fashionable. You can also use the clothes for getting the wall clocks. This is a very rare item.

Door codes: Door code is a very interesting part of this game because it helps the door to connect with other doors and it is highlighted by using coloured letters.

Mods: You can find two types of modes in this game. These modes are the @Hamumu and @Seth. There are many other mods which you can also use in order to make the game a beautiful place.

Duct tape: If you get the duct-tape then you won’t be able to speak. Whenever you will use any kind of insulting words or get reported by any other player then you will get duct taped. So make sure you are minding your language. The duration of the duct-tape may vary from hours to days so it is very important to keep the language in check.

Scams: Whenever any other person is trying to take your belongings by using wrong ways then you need to figure it out that it’s not trading but it is scamming. Whenever a person is asking you to give away your things by kicking you then you need to keep

yourself acquainted with the code words used by them. The Drop game indicates that the host is asking you to drop your belongings which you have won and this can be the real prizes. He will basically try to steal the items by making you get banned.

These are the few things that you need to keep in mind when you are playing this game. If you are a beginner then make sure you are well versed with these terms. In the beginning, you can also use the growtopia hacks from thatgamehack for proceeding quickly in this game because you will realize that scoring the gems is very difficult so as the rare items.

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